Lighting our Darkness

Lighting our Darkness

We are about to enter upon the liturgical season of Advent. This is a very rich time in the Church’s year, a time particularly disposing us to reflection. In the northern hemisphere the light fades towards the days of the Winter Solstice. We are invited to welcome the opportunity to withdraw a little from noise and activity to become more aware of our inner feelings and thoughts.

During this time of Advent we will be providing throughout the four weeks of the season a series of reflections based on the cycle of Sunday readings (Year C).

Take the time to find a quiet space, light a candle if possible, and spend a little time with the reflections we offer. These reflections will focus on how we can pay particular attention during this time to our inner dispositions and feelings.

Our journey through life is greatly enriched when we take a little time to become aware and to become conscious. Socrates said a long time ago: “The unreflective life is not worth living.” Advent is a wonderful time to ponder our life’s direction and flow.


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