Thinking about Vocation

Some people find the word ‘vocation’ a bit off-putting. There was a time when Catholics routinely thought of their lives in terms of ‘vocation’. Vocation was not just a word to describe the lives of sisters, brothers or priests in the Catholic Church. The word applied to everyone.

Why was that? Well, believe it or not there was a conviction among many Catholics that there really was no great divide between your week-day life and your Sunday life. In medieval times, everyone worked in the fields or in a village, and everyone one went to Mass on Sundays in the village church. Life was one. Now, it’s a bit more complex.

There is a wonderful UK website that addresses this question from the perspective of people who are teachers. It is called Transforming Lives. Well worth a visit, especially if you are a teacher.

In the meantime, you might wonder whether your life is a ‘vocation’ or not!


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