Living the Gospel Message Today

jesus loves people

Are you searching for identity, meaning and purpose in your life? When you consider your life are you confused and confronted with emptiness and irrelevance?  In the seventeenth century, Blaise Pascal noted that,“when a man is left with nothing but himself to face, he usually falls into boredom, melancholy or despair.” 

Are you looking for something that is bigger and beyond yourself? Are you searching in the wrong places?

Have you considered what the Gospel Message says about life and living? You are invited, to join the Christian Brothers, in an open afternoon to discuss and reflect on a Way of Living the Gospel Message today.

Open afternoons will be held in 3 different communities – Mount Sion, Waterford; Edmund Rice House, North Richmond Street, Dublin and in St. Timothy’s, Liverpool. The details are below and if you are interested please contact any of the following:

Mount Sion A4


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