Seeking a Vision for Life

The human search for meaning is the beginning of all great journeys.

The human search for meaning is the beginning of all great journeys.

Many people are seeking a spirituality that quenches their thirsting hearts, and provides them with a vision of life that is meaningful and life changing.

What is it you are seeking?

We live in time when people find it easier to take to the roads and the air in search of new experiences. This is not new. Human beings have always been wanderers and pilgrims. It is said that in the Middle Ages over a one million people were on pilgrimage at any given time. Since the population of Western Europe in that time was only about six million, it means that a significant percentage of Europe’s population was ‘on the road’, as Jack Kerouac would have said.

This website is for you. It is for people who seek to live a fuller, greater, more meaningful life. It is for people who are asking questions of life and wondering what is ‘the best way to spend this one life I have’.

All great quests have started with questions such as these, existential questions, the life questions that gnaw at the spirit. When we read the lives of the saints we find that many of them were prompted to do great things because of their responses to big questions. Ignatius of Loyola, the soldier-knight who picked up the Gospels to help him pass the time while recovering from battle wounds. He found himself questioned by Jesus of Nazareth and he questioned back: what would you have me do? He went on to found the Jesuit Order.

Likewise, Blessed Edmund Rice, the founder of the Christian Brothers and the Presentation Brothers, looked out a window one day, saw some poor children playing in the street, and asked himself the question: what can I do for these poor children who have no schools to go to?

Stay with your questions. They will lead you further on the road. Perhaps, you will find yourself drawn to a deeper, spiritual journey. When that day comes we invite you to return to this website for further reflections.

God bless you as you journey.


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