Moy’s Story

Moy Hitchen was a Christian Brother who died tragically in Africa in 2018. He was young, vibrant and committed to working with poor people around the world. He grew up in Australia where he early on fell in love with the nature and the animals of the bush. There was nothing he liked better than a long hike in the outback. He was an early environmentalist and with his science background he brought amazing knowledge and skills to his pass for the protection of the natural world. He worked in Geneva with Edmund Rice International for a while raising awareness of ecological issues while also engaging in his own private contribution to sustainability and ecology. He was a passionate believer in sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices. Later, he went to Africa and immediately bonded with the people. He brought with him his commitment to Sustainability and to Development. He walked everywhere when he could, only rarely taking a bus or plane. He remained a ‘bushman’ at heart and was loved by the people. His was a life of passion, energy and love spent among the poor of the world and committed to the protection of the natural world. The video below was a tribute to Moy, his life, his person and his mission in life.

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